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Kawasaki VN750 - Exhaust

For all those who would like to have a louder exhaust, there are several options:

Note: Any exhaust mods may require carburetor adjustment.

  1. Punch/Drill out the baffles in the exhaust. (Cheapest)
  2. Take of the factory mufflers and replace with exhaust tips.
  3. Install a Premuffler Bypass kit (Degoat kit).
  4. Make a custom exhaust.

Baffle Removal

To Punch out the baffles, simply pull off each muffler and drill out the mesh-like area towards the tip of the muffler.

Solutions found at

Scootworks has a couple of items available for purchase, the first is a Vince and Hines exhaust kit which the last time I looked cost $360. The other product is a Premuffler bypass kit that goes for $60 and is a good solution for those who can't drop a lot of money on an exhaust upgrade.

Degoating your Vulcan

Detailed directions come with the kit and can be put on rather quickly. I did have a problem with the RH muffler lining back up to the original position and the U-bolt clamps that come included can be a little difficult to use. However, the sound of the bike improves greatly. It is also believed that the bike loses some bottom-end torque. I have not noticed this on my bike, but I have noticed the bike doesn't seem to vibrate as much (kind of like riding on air). You will need to adjust the carburetors, you also have the option to disable the Reed System.

WARNING: Installing this mod may not be emissions legal.

What is the Reed System

Kawasaki designed the Reed system to pump cool, fresh air into the exhaust to help burn of additional vapors in the exhaust. This causes the popping that you hear in your exhaust. The system is vacuum operated and is only on during the exhaust stroke of the motor. There are a few different options to disable this system.

Some people choose to put a marble in the air hose coming from the intake to the fresh air pump to block the air inlet. Another option is to cap off the reed nozzles on each cylinder head. The final option is to buy coasters to cover the openings. You can download the coaster blueprint through the link below.

Reed Coaster Blueprints

I don't know what a machine shop will charge to make them, you need 2, but I found mine on eBay for $22. I must mention that the Vulcan 1500A and Vulcan 750 both use the same reed coasters. To install, you need to first remove the outer plate (the nozzle) and the inner plate (the valve itself). Apply silicone gasket maker on the surface around the opening. Place the reed cover on the opening, if you are reusing the bolts, you will have to reinstall the nozzle plate as the bolts will be too long. Let the silicone set for 24 hours and the reed system should be successfully sealed.

The LH reed cover (pictured first) is on the rear cylinder head and easy to get to. The RH reed cover is located on the front cylinder just behind the air cleaner. You must remove the air cleaner in order to access the reed valve.

Reed Valve Locations
LH Reed Cover (Rear Cylinder) RH Reed Cover (Front Cylinder)
LH Reed Cover RH Reed Cover