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Kawasaki VN750 - Electrical

Clear Turn Signal Lenses

Whether you you want to keep incandescent bulbs or you want to upgrade to LEDs, clear lenses are a nice and simple mod. The clear lenses can cost anywhere from $5 - $7 each depending where you shop. Here is all you need.
Using incandescent bulbs:

4 x Part # 23048-1066 Clear Lenses (Order from any Kawasaki parts dealer)
2 x Type 1156A amber bulbs
2 x Type 1157A amber bulbs

If you wish to use LEDs, some other modifications will be required. Now the front turn signals use a dual-filament bulb (1157 type) and the rear turn signals use a single-filament bulb (1156 type). Just remove the old lenses and bulbs, install the appropriate bulb for each signal, and install the clear lenses. Take a look.

Clear Turn Signal Lenses
Before After
Before After

Add Running Lights to Rear Turn Signals

When your on a motorcycle, visibility is key. One way to increase visibility is to add more lights. The VN750 was designed double-filament bulbs in the front turn signals and single-filament bulbs in the rear. The significance is that the double filament bulbs are wired up to operate as both running lights and turn signals. The rear, which only has the single filament, only operates as a turn signal.

The front turn signals will work on the rear of the motorcycle, they are the same except for the socket and number of wires. The front has 3 wires and the rear only has 2. All that needs to be done is a wire for each of the rear signals needs to be spliced into the running light wire in the back. The wire to splice is the red one, all the wires are under the seat so you will need to remove it.

Wire Colors
Wire Color Function
Black/Yellow Ground
Red Driving Light
Blue Brake Light
Green Left Flasher
Gray Right Flasher
Turn Signal Wire Colors
Function Front Rear
Running Light Unknown N/A
Turn Signal Unknown Gray
Running Light Unknown Yellow/Black

If you perform this mod, you will have to install 1157-type red bulbs in the rear turn signals instead of the amber bulbs listed above.

Tail Light Harness
Tail Light Harness

Add LED lights

LED lights are a nice upgrade from the regular incandescent bulbs that are normally used. They're brighter, last longer, and use a fraction of the power. The problem, however, lies with the flasher installed on the bike. The flasher is a thermal flasher (due to the internal mechanism) and uses the presence of a high load to determine flash speed. The LED lights are a much smaller load than the regular bulbs. This causes the flasher to think that you have a blown bulb and the turn signals will flash really quickly.

There are a few different ways to fix this and can vary in cost. Some online motorcycle stores sell special flashers for LEDs, these usually cost around $20-$30, however be warned that these can sometimes only be used on LEDs and connecting incandescent bulbs to it will cause it to overload.

The cheap $10 solution: go to PepBoys and by a Tridon Part# EP34 electronic flasher. The connections are the same as the Vulcan's flasher so you don't have to modify the wiring and it can run both incandescent and LED bulbs.

Flasher Relay
Flasher Relay

To get to the flasher, you must remove the seat (two bolts in the locked compartment at the back of the seat) and you'll see the flasher behind the battery.

Battery Upgrade

The stock battery can be underpowered and requires periodic maintenance. The Yuasa YTX14AHL-BS is a high-performance maintenance-free battery that will give you more power and will be more reliable.

12V Accessory Plug

If you wish to run an electrical accessory, your best bet (unless it won't be removed from the bike) is to install a 12V accessory plug. Installation is simple, the plug has two wires, a positive wire that gets connected to a 12V source, and a ground which obviously gets connected to a ground. The hard part is to find a place to mount the plug, I chose to mount mine on the side of the plastic cover in front of the gas tank. The surface is flat and it's easy to drill, it's also easy to reach while on the bike. You also need to find a place to connect the wires. I chose to splice my wires into the accessory leads behind the head light. The positive wire is White/Blue and the ground wire is Yellow/Black.

Caution: The accessory leads are constantly powered by the battery, so if you choose to use them be sure to unplug your accessory or you may drain your battery.

12V Accessory Plug
12V Accessory Plug