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Kawasaki VN750 - Carburetor

Idle Mixture Adjustment

If you get popping in your exhaust, then you may need to adjust your carbs.

Carb Mixture Screws
LH Carb Mixture Screw (front) RH Carb Mixture Screw (rear)
LH Carb Mixture Screw (front) RH Carb Mixture Screw (back)

Turning the screws in (clockwise) leans out the mixture (less fuel). Turning the screws out (counter-clockwise) richens the mixture (more fuel). In order to stop the popping and help the bike run better, you need to turn the screws out. The way I adjusted mine was turning the screws all the way in, and then turning them out 2 turns. If you use this method, don't go over 3 turns, if you do, you'll be at risk of the screws falling out.

Note: This does NOT change idle speed. See Idle Adjustment.

Idle Adjustment

A very simple adjustment is your idle speed. Don't get confused between idle adjustment and idle mixture adjustment. Turning the screw counter-clockwise will increase the idle (higher RPMs), turning it clockwise will lower the idle.

Idle Adjustment Screw (LH Carb)
Idle Adjustment Screw (LH carb)

Rejetting the Carbs

I'm currently searching for an easy to follow jet swap. This is usually necessary when moding the exhaust and intake.